The Academy of Medical Sciences


The Academy of Medical Sciences “Academy” – is one of the UK’s five National Academies of Science, and is the independent body representing the diversity of medical research in the UK. The Academy is an integral part of the UK’s strong biomedical research community, working closely with funders, universities, medical research charities, the NHS and the private sector. The knowledge, influence and networks of its members are the Academy’s most powerful asset. A stated strategic goal of the Academy is to promote partnerships between industry and academia, and to play a vital role in driving the translation of research into health benefits.

The Academy, through its wholly-owned trading subsidiary, The Academy of Medical Sciences Trading Limited (“AMS”), has entered into an Advisory Services Agreement with Park Vale Capital. Under the Advisory Services Agreement, AMS facilitates the provision of scientific advice to Park Vale Capital by the Academy’s “Fellows” in respect of particular investment opportunities.

Fellowship of the Academy is through a competitive election process, based on exceptional contributions to the medical sciences either in the form of original discovery or of sustained contributions to scholarship. Fellows are drawn from clinical academic medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, laboratory science, medical and nursing care and other professions allied to medical science. 44 new Fellows are elected each year from a pool of over 350 candidates.

DISCLAIMER: Neither the Academy, AMS, nor any Fellow provides Park Vale Capital or its affiliates with any advice in relation to the viability or otherwise of any investment opportunity, and neither the Academy, AMS, nor any Fellow assumes any liability to Park Vale Capital or to any other person in relation to any advice given by a Fellow. No investment opportunity is endorsed, promoted, or otherwise encouraged by the Academy, AMS, or any Fellow notwithstanding that Park Vale Capital, or an affiliate of Park Vale Capital, or any other person has received advice or information from a Fellow relating to such investment opportunity.