JABCAP (LUX) is an investment company with variable capital, structured as an umbrella fund with segregated liability between sub-funds incorporated under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. JABCAP (LUX) has a number of different sub-funds. The assets and liabilities of each fund are segregated by law.

JABCAP (LUX) Global Convertible Bonds

This sub-fund aims to provide investors with exposure to global equity and debt markets with significantly lower volatility than the underlying asset classes while maintaining a focus on absolute returns. It focuses its investment in global convertible bonds.

JABCAP (LUX) Global Balanced

The approach for this sub-fund is focused on global equities with a dynamic asset allocation overlay. The strategy combines a top down approach to portfolio construction with a fundamental analysis equity research program.

JABCAP (LUX) Emerging Markets

This strategy seeks to obtain consistent absolute returns on a long term risk-adjusted basis primarily from a diversified portfolio of securities whose exposure or principal operations are based in emerging markets countries.

JABCAP (LUX) European Credit Opportunities

This sub-fund’s objective is to produce absolute returns with low volatility and risks in all market conditions, regardless of the direction of interest rates or default rates. It applies long, short, and paired trading strategies to an unconstrained portfolio of absolute return opportunities in European corporate credit. It exploits all parts of a company’s capital structure via a wide range of debt and equity investment instruments and will invest across the ratings spectrum.

Jabre Capital Partners S.A. is the investment manager of the JABCAP (LUX) sub-funds. Established in 2006, the firm is a global asset management company headquartered in Geneva. For further information on Jabre Capital Partners S.A., please follow this link: www.jabcap.com

Park Vale is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is registered as the facilities agent of the JABCAP (LUX) sub-funds in the UK. It also acts as the sub-investment manager of the JABCAP(LUX) European Credit Opportunities sub-fund.

Copies of the fund documentation can be retrieved on the following link: www.jabcaplux.com/the-funds/unitedkingdom. Alternatively, please contact Park Vale for printed copies.

The portfolio managers of the JABCAP (LUX) European Credit Opportunities sub-fund:

Farid Gargour, Portfolio Manager

Farid joined Park Vale in February 2016 as one of the two lead managers of the European Credit Opportunities Fund. Prior to that, Farid was at RAB Capital, where he founded the RAB European Credit Opportunities Fund in 2001 and managed it for 14 years. During this period, he was also responsible for launching an emerging markets debt fund and a leveraged loan fund. Before RAB Capital, Farid managed equity and debt portfolios at NY-based Concord International Investments. Farid holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in operations research from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon.

Angus Rosborough, Portfolio Manager

Angus joined Park Vale in February 2016 and is one of the two lead managers on the JABCAP (LUX) European Credit Opportunities Fund. Before joining Park Vale, Angus was at RAB Capital for 8 years where he worked initially as an analyst and then as a portfolio manager for the firm’s European Credit Opportunities Fund. From 2004 to 2007, Angus had worked at Lehman Brothers where he was a senior proprietary trading analyst and from 2001 to 2004, Angus worked at ING as head of European high yield research. Prior to that Angus worked at Morgan Stanley in a variety of sales and research related roles. Angus graduated from Washington & Lee University where he earned degrees in European History and German Language.

Robert Taylor, Associate Portfolio Manager

Robert joined Park Vale in February 2016 and is on the investment team on the JABCAP (LUX) European Credit Opportunities Fund. Prior to this, Robert was at RAB Capital for 4 years where he worked as an analyst for the firm’s European Credit Opportunities Fund. Before that Robert completed a Sales and Trading internship at Barclays. Robert holds a BSc from the University of Bristol.

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