Park Vale is currently centred on investments in biotechnology companies engaged in late stage biotechnology, early oncology & cell therapy development platforms, and healthcare technology.  Selected from the extensive network of deal flow, working in conjunction with F2 Capital, the focus is on timing efficiency of the drug development programs of CROs and big pharma.

Biotechnology has been an investment sector for over 25 years however long investment cycles (>10 years), low probability of drug discovery success (<10% from pre-clinical to FDA drug approval), and a close network of investment professionals has meant that traditionally this has been a difficult place for fiduciary investors to access the asset class and achieve returns. With the exception of access to deals, this investing environment has now materially changed. The biotechnology industry is maturing and is benefiting from the confluence of computing power, use of AI/machine learning and big data science. This can mean that those in the network of deal flow and with the ability to create and drive commercial businesses are well placed for this golden decade in the sector.

By investing in the most promising companies, the investment time span is expected to be dramatically shortened from 7-10 years to 12-24 months, and risk managed for potential attractive investor returns.

Park Vale Capital is proud to announce that the Members of The Academy of Medical Sciences acted as advisor to the following strategy: click here for more information.

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