Hudson Fairfax Group (“HFG”) is a New York-based independent financial sponsor and business development team specializing in private equity investments and sales acceleration in cybersecurity, intelligence, networks, space, and defense companies. In 2013, Hudson Fairfax joined forces with Park Vale Capital as the two firms work together to combine their experience and expertise to develop and manage investment deals and products in the cyber technology arena across a number of key countries.

The firm maintains close ties with the highest level of government, financial institutions and commercial enterprises allowing proprietary access into these sectors; particularly to the large ecosystem of companies with long heritage in meeting the government’s highest cybersecurity needs and with a proven ability to address commercial markets. Each HFG Partner brings to bear over 20 years of specialized investment, finance, or operational experience building and scaling large and complex organizations in the security, communications and technology sectors.  HFG’s network is further leveraged by its very active Advisory Board.  The Board includes individuals with the highest levels of professional accomplishment in government, corporate and public service and is comprised of the following members:

John Stenbit, Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense; Current Advisory Board Member of NSA;
Alan Wade, Former Chief Information Officer of CIA;
B.J. Penn, Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Navy;
Steve Pomerantz, Former Assistant Director, FBI;
Joseph Bartlett, Former Under Secretary of Commerce;
Dr. Armeane Choksi, Former Vice President, World Bank;
Rick Frisbee, Chief Administrative Officer of Franklin Templeton;
Jacqui Guichlear, Global Head of IT, Deutsche Bank Group.